Get an expert's opinion and save your time and money in the long run

Personal Consultancy

  • Discuss your problems.
  • Get an expert solution.
  • A single conversation can save years of your time.
  • A single tip can save thousands of Rupees of your money.
  • Get an exclusive conversation with Ashish Ranjan who has been a personal consultant for 5 years and have guided thousands of people in the right direction.
  • Sessions are usually scheduled on Sundays in between 8:00 am and 10:00 am.
  • You’ll receive your date and time for your session on your registered email.
  • A request for urgency or different time may be put forward at but the reason should be legit.
  • You’ll receive a link to join the session beforehand on your registered email ID.
  • You must be ready at that particular time and join the meeting.
  • Ashish is very friendly and you’ll feel like your are talking to a friend or your brother so please don’t worry about formalities.
  • Our objective here is only to solve your problems – No judgements.
  • Conversation may be in English or Hindi, depending on your comfort.

Watch Sample Conversations